Anela Layugan

GIS Analyst and Developer

SDGs Today

New York, New York

Anela Layugan is a Geographic Information Science (GIS) Analyst and Developer on the SDGs Today team, where she visualizes, manages, and creates real-time and timely data on the Sustainable Development Goals. She works with data providers to feature their data on the SDGs Today data platform and teaches others how to use and share them to meet the SDGs by 2030.

Prior to SDSN, Anela was a researcher at the Center for International Earth Science Information Network at Columbia University on the GRID3 Programme, where she created geospatial data and visualizations for sustainable development work at the country level.

Anela holds a Master of Science degree in GIS from Clark University, where she researched changes in Arctic sea ice melt while working part-time on a flower farm called Fivefork Farms. Aside from her GIS career, she is passionate about rock climbing, photography, floristry, and keeping her cat happy and healthy.