Launched in 2015, SDSN Youth is one of the world’s largest networks of young leaders dedicated to shaping a sustainable world for future generations. SDSN Youth is run by a network of volunteers from hundreds of countries who work to accelerate innovative youth solutions towards the SDGs by connecting young people to pathways of understanding and action for the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. Each Regional/National Youth Network is embedded into its corresponding SDSN National or Regional Network, focusing on mobilizing young people towards achieving the SDGs.

The Local Pathways Fellowship

This training program and peer-to-peer learning network provides young leaders around the world with the tools, guiding framework for action, and connections to leading urban development experts and practitioners to understand how to localize SDG 11 in their cities.

The SDG Students Program

This program engages higher education students across universities worldwide to educate them about the SDGs and equip them with the resources to take their sustainability knowledge, passion, and energy into their future work upon graduation.

The Youth Solutions Program

This entrepreneurship program affords young innovators access to experts, training, and opportunities to advance innovative solutions for the SDGs.

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María Cortés Puch

  • Vice President of Networks
  • SDSN Leadership

Raquel Armendariz Sucunza

  • Program Associate, Networks and Youth
  • Networks Program and SDSN Youth