Elena Crete

Head of Climate and Energy

SDSN Climate and Energy Program

New York, New York

Elena Crete is the Head of the Climate & Energy Program where she oversees special initiatives related to bringing together academics, engineers, and researchers to support the Paris Agreement through the development of long-term decarbonization pathways such as America’s Zero Carbon Action Plan and the decarbonization of university campuses. Elena serves as the central SDSN lead for our participation and engagement at the annual UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP). She also coordinates the European Green Deal Senior Working Group and the Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition (CEET): an independent advisory council to the United Nations Secretary-General. Part of Elena’s core mandate is to help bring low-emission technologies, policies, and solutions to decision-makers across networks and sectors to help implement the Paris Agreement. In doing so, she also works closely with SDSN’s growing global network of thought-leaders and change-makers to scale and accelerate science-based policy making in support of the global energy transition.