July 2024 Spotlight - Celebrating Steph Pietras!

Through our employee spotlight campaign, the SDSN will showcase our amazing employees and volunteers to honor and celebrate the incredible strides they are making toward advancing SDSN's mission.

We are delighted to launch the campaign with Steph Pietras, Program Associate of TReNDS! We asked Steph five questions about herself and her work with the SDSN. Read on to learn more.

Which SDG are you most passionate about?

SDG 11

What is the best part about working at SDSN?

SDSN is a great place to work because you get to see how different teams are working towards achieving the SDGs in different ways using their own unique strengths.

What is something that you are proud to have accomplished while working at SDSN?

I am proud to have co-authored my first professional reports that are being released at the end of March. It has been a goal of mine to be a published author since I started at SDSN almost 6 years ago, and now I have finally achieved it. These reports are related to the Data for Now initiative that TReNDS is a part of, and I'm really excited for people to learn more about what our team has accomplished on the ground in Ghana, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.

In one word, describe the 2030 Agenda.


What is a fun fact about you? What’s something others might not know about you?

I have been to 141 Phish shows, with more planned for this summer.