May 2024 Employee Spotlight - Celebrating Elena Crete!

Through our employee spotlight campaign, the SDSN will showcase our amazing employees to honor and celebrate the incredible strides they are making toward advancing SDSN's mission.

We are delighted to launch the campaign with Elena Crete, Head of Climate & Energy! We asked Elena five questions about herself and her work at the SDSN. Read on to learn more.

Which SDG are you most passionate about?


What is the best part about working at SDSN?

Standing at the intersection of global sustainable development challenges and the thought-leaders and change-makers who are dedicating their careers to addressing them.

What is something that you are proud to have accomplished while working at SDSN?

Building SDSN's C&E program from the ground up and leading our 50th Anniversary Earth Day celebration with the 24-hour webinar on "Happiness & Sustainability Around the Earth!" in partnership with our national and regional networks.

In one word, describe the 2030 Agenda.


What is a fun fact about you? What’s something others might not know about you?

I love bass music.