Partnerships in Labor Force Resilience: The Imperative of Education and Upskilling in Digital and Sustainability Skills - UN HLPF Virtual Side Event

On Jul 17, 2024, at 08:00 AM ET, BuildSkills and SDSN will host a UN HLPF Virtual Side Event on Partnerships in Labor Force Resilience: The Imperative of Education and Upskilling in Digital and Sustainability Skills. This event delves into emerging trends and resilient solutions in education for sustainable development among youth and professionals moving towards gainful employment, professional development, and vocational training.

Upskilling is imperative in lifelong learning, equipping the youth and professionals with the knowledge, competencies, and values to respond to sustainable development challenges in all growing industries. Discussions will spotlight policies and practices aimed at promoting informed educational decision-making and exploring the pivotal role of vocational education and professional training in facilitating transitions to employment. The implementation of such pathways require diverse partnerships and expertise to work alongside policymakers for more effective and localized outcomes. A cross-sectoral panel will provide a comprehensive examination of interconnected issues related to education, employment, stressing the importance of policy measures, intersectoral partnerships, and strategic investments. Additionally, the panel envisions collaborative efforts among educators and practitioners across governmental, corporate, and civil society sectors, equipping them with relevant educational content and training to actively contribute to sustainable development through workforce participation. 

Issues to be discussed also include the skill sets to match an evolving labor force during digital and sustainability transformations, targeted policies and investments into education and professional training, advancing policy-driven education and professional training, and the implementation challenges and solutions that come with it. The outcome is expected to share recommendations on how collaborations among stakeholders can contribute to ensuring education aligns with sustainable development and is relevant to today’s transforming labor market.

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  • Patrick Paul Walsh, VP of Education, SDSN

Speakers include:

  • Elena Proden, Senior Specialist, Strategic Implementation of the 2030 Agenda Unit, UNITAR
  • Maria Nakova, Project Manager, BuildSkills Academy; Manager of Strategic Development at Cleantech Bulgaria
  • Tremeur Denigot, Education for Climate, Joint Research Centre, European Commission