Science Panel for the Amazon at Davos 2024: Bridging Science, Conservation and Economy

Environmental Priorities in Focus

Following the momentum of COP28, where a historic roadmap for the transition away from fossil fuels was approved and the announcement of the development of a Tropical Forests Forever Fund was made, 2024 kicked off with high expectations at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos , Switzerland. From January 14 to 19, world leaders gathered to discuss pressing issues. The Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA) actively participated in this space, engaging in dialogues aimed at advancing sustainable development and conservation.

SPA's Key Engagements at Davos

Black Jaguar Foundation Event - January 15 : SPA participated in an event hosted by the Black Jaguar Foundation, shedding light on the coexistence of Amazon restoration and economic interests. During this gathering, SPA Co-chair Carlos Nobre, who was welcomed as an Official Ambassador of the Black Jaguar Foundation, presented valuable information about “Arcs of Restoration”.

Open Forum: Liberating Science - January 15 : Carlos Nobre, as a panelist, contributed to discussions on the role of responsible advocacy in climate science, exploring the challenges in maintaining trust in science and reflections on governments' stances toward scientific advancements.

Doconomy Stage of Impact - Setting the Stage for COP30 - January 16 : SPA played a pivotal role in this event, with Emma Torres, SPA Strategic Coordinator, moderating discussions. Torres offered valuable insights into the key role of 2024, marked by significant events like CBD COP16, UNFCCC COP29, and UNCCD COP16, along with the G20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Carlos Nobre, SPA Co-Chair, contributed insights, emphasizing the crucial role of science in addressing the climate emergency and highlighting the Amazon's proximity to a tipping point. The event was conducted in collaboration with Global Canopy, ETH Zurich, and Crowther Lab.

SPA's Strategic Dialogues and Bilateral Meetings

Beyond these spotlight events, SPA actively participated in a tapestry of discussions, dialogues, and private bilateral and multilateral meetings. The Panel leveraged these opportunities to share scientific recommendations and strengthen strategic alliances. The primary goal was to enhance collaborations that extend beyond the scientific realm, reaching policymakers in the public sector and decision-makers in the private sector, particularly in the financial industry.

Davos Key Takeaways for a Sustainable Future

As the 54th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting concluded in Davos, four key takeaways emerged:

  1. Global Unity for Security and Cooperation: Acknowledging the intricate global landscape, leaders stressed the need for enhanced collaboration. The SPA advocates for a united front to address climate change and promote sustainable practices.
  2. A New Growth Model: Discussions centered on the uncertain global economic outlook. Leaders emphasized the necessity for partnerships and innovation to overcome challenges. There was acknowledgment of sustainability as a business imperative, which echoed SPA's outlook on integrating sustainable practices into economic models.
  3. AI Challenges and Opportunities: AI discussions highlighted its potential benefits and the need for good governance.
  4. Net Zero Economy Commitment: The urgent need to address climate change and transition to sustainable energy systems was a recurring theme. Calls for a just transition, investment, and financing in the quest for global cooperation to conserve the world's vital ecosystems.

Davos 2024 sets the stage for global cooperation, reshaping economic paradigms, navigating AI's evolution, and urgently addressing climate crises—endeavors crucial for safeguarding the Amazon and promoting a sustainable future. By actively participating in discussions and strategic meetings, SPA continues to advance science-based solutions for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. The panel looks forward to further collaborations that strengthen the bridge between scientific expertise and actionable policy and financial decisions.