SDSN Mexico Youth Celebrates the 1st Resonance 2030 Festival: A Harmonious Meeting of Music and Sustainability in Mexico City

Original post shared by SDSN Mexico on October 21, 2023:

The Resonance 2030 Festival took place on October 21 in Las Islas, University City at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, leaving a memorable impact on all attendees who enjoyed various activities and experiences in a unique environment.

One of the main attractions of the festival was the Project Zone, where youth were able to learn about and support different youth-led projects in areas such as sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition, information about the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals was provided in the SDSN Zone, promoting awareness and commitment to a more sustainable future.

Opening remarks were offered by Professor Edgar Leyva, coordinator of SDSN Mexico, Ximena Castro, coordinator of SDSN Youth, and Ana Beristain, deputy director of Projects for Healthy and Inclusive Communities at the General Directorate of Community Services (DGACO), who all offered inspiring words to the attendees.

CoolestAndie captivated the audience with its smooth and harmonious style, while Segunda Gloria enlivened everyone with its energetic ska music and gathered the audience in an exciting slam round. Sonido Gallo Negro surprised everyone with its unique style, using LED masks at the end of its performance. Disco Bahía provided attendees a well-deserved rest with its relaxing music.

The climax of the event was a performance by Los Daniels, who closed out the festival. With their charisma and energy, they connected with the audience and created unforgettable moments by performing hits such as “I would like to know” and “I wish you the best.”

This festival was not only an opportunity to enjoy good music and entertainment, but it also became a space for reflection and personal growth. Many young people connected with the true meaning of sustainability and awareness, while others are already asking about the possibility of a second edition of the festival.

The Resonance 2030 Festival was a project designed by brilliant minds that left a greatly impacted all attendees. We are deeply grateful to everyone who made this unique experience possible and recognize that, as long as we take care of our planet, anything is possible. Let's continue advancing towards achieving the 2030 Agenda!