Unlocking Solutions for Sustainable Development Through Youth Leadership in Indonesia

SDSN Indonesia and SDSN Youth Indonesia hosted a national competition for solutions under the youth track of the Southeast Asia and Indonesia Solutions Forum (SAISF).

The SAISF is a new initiative by SDSN Southeast Asia and SDSN Indonesia focused on empowering national and regional networks in the region, to effectively localize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovative solutions. The SAISF was inspired by SDSN’s Global Solutions Forum (GSF) and The Asia-Pacific Solutions Forum (APSF). 

This national competition took place online on Saturday, 28th of October 2023. Twelve solutions from youth communities and organizations were submitted for the SAISF Youth Track 2023. Among various great solutions received, five finalists were selected:

  • A-Wake by IEEE ITB SB has developed smart glasses to prevent microsleep in daily activities; 
  • Ladies Circle by Indonesian Women League, which helps to empower women;
  • RADAR SEHARI by AMOR Community focuses on raising awareness on sexual and reproductive health through discussion and providing capacity-building workshop among teenagers; 
  • Climate Circle by Bring Changes is a program that provides a platform for youth and stakeholders to share ideas, foster collaboration and create solutions addressing climate change and environmental issues; and
  • Community Ride Sharing by Universitas Prasetiya Mulya is a conceptual solution whereby drivers and passengers are bound under the same community.

The winning solution was by the Indonesian Women League and their solution ‘Ladies Circle’, a group catered to young women and helps to empower women to be aware of their strengths and power to choose for themselves. There are three points for their program. First, five young women are selected to form a supportive group allowing for a safe environment for self-reflection and conversation. Second, all discussions are guided by a comprehensive learning module and a trained facilitator, discussing topics such as self-development and career preparation. Third, this program aims to assist women to know themselves first and finally make action plans that enable them to develop and attain their career goals.

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