The SDSN’s global network is composed of over 1,900 institutions, which collaborate to promote high-quality education and research collaboration for sustainable development; localize and mobilize support for the SDGs, including supporting governments in understanding and addressing the challenges of sustainable development; and launch solution initiatives, including supporting the preparation of long-term pathways.

Who can become a member of the SDSN?

Knowledge-generating institutions, including universities, research institutions, foundations, and civil society groups can join the SDSN for free. Members have to be involved in research and/or education to participate in the global network; they cannot just engage in advocacy or communications activities. Member institutions should have deep expertise in one or more areas related to sustainable development and commit a substantial amount of their own work towards finding and/ or implementing solutions for the SDGs. They should be well-established institutions, having been in operation for over 5 years.

Why join the SDSN?

Members join a dynamic global network that draws upon the knowledge and educational capacity of more than 1,900 member institutions from more than 55 national and regional networks. They work together to address the world’s most pressing problems. Members organizations can:

Join a Global Network

  • Leverage the SDSN expertise for teaching, research, and local/national sustainable development.
  • Access top-tier experts and young professionals working in sustainable development.
  • Gain entry into the SDSN’s vibrant members-only platforms and take advantage of peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

Engage in Collaborative Opportunities and Events

With direct linkage into the United Nations processes and annual events, members also gain:

  • Privileged access to the SDSN’s tools and outputs; and collaboration opportunities across the organization including with the SDG Academy, SDSN Youth, and SDGs Today.
  • Access to the SDSN’s exclusive events, including the International Conference on Sustainable Development.

Promote SDG Advocacy and Awareness

By joining the SDSN, you can influence real change. Through global and local connections, membership affords your organization:

  • A platform to communicate and elevate your organization’s commitment and progress to a renowned academic audience.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the SDSN’s publications to advance policy and advocacy for sustainable development.

How to Apply?

To become a member of the SDSN, please submit an application via our online application system (below). Applications are reviewed quarterly by the Networks Strategy Council. Applications received by email will not be considered.

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