The FABLE Consortium is a 24-country collaborative initiative created in 2017. FABLE mobilizes leading knowledge institutions across the globe to develop decision-support tools and analysis for integrated long-term food and land-use pathways at national and global scales that are aligned with the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. FABLE is the only initiative working to translate multiple policies and commitments on food and land use into quantitative targets and actionable strategies to support governments’ ambitious objectives.

FABLE’s process is bottom-up, where the Secretariat’s role, shared between the SDSN, the Alliance of Biodiversity and CIAT (CGIAR), and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), is to support local researchers to co-design sustainable pathways and roadmaps with other stakeholders and support policy design. FABLE develops transparent modeling tools, trains local researchers on these tools, and supports stakeholder engagement to address the most complex challenges in today’s food and land-use system and reconcile national priorities and global sustainability goals.

FABLE Pathways

FABLE develops integrated, long-term pathways that describe the food and land-use systems changes needed to achieve mid-century climate and sustainability objectives at the national level. Pathways are a combination of scenarios that represent the coherent development of a system along a certain trajectory.

FABLE Targets

Long-term targets are necessary to ensure that the needs of present and future generations are balanced. FABLE supports the design of national targets that meet international climate and biodiversity commitments, while ensuring domestic food security and a viable land use sector.

FABLE Calculator

The FABLE Calculator is an open Excel tool to compute mid-century pathways of the food and land-use systems and track progress towards food security, climate mitigation, and biodiversity conservation.

FABLE Scenathon

A central purpose of the FABLE Consortium is to ensure consistency between the ambition of national pathways and global targets and between the trade projections across national pathways. To achieve this, FABLE has built a modeling infrastructure consisting of the Scenathon, a participatory decision-making exercise that integrates models, stakeholders, and technology to collectively solve complex, large-scale multi-objective problems.

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Aline Mosnier

  • Scientific Director
  • FABLE Consortium

Maria Diaz

  • Senior Manager
  • FABLE Consortium

Gillian Mortimer

  • Finance Senior Manager
  • FABLE and FELD

Clara Douzal

  • Researcher
  • FABLE Consortium

Davide Cozza

  • Junior Analyst
  • FABLE Consortium

Adnane Amane

  • Junior Trade Analyst
  • FABLE Consortium

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