The Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) is a two-year, graduate-level program that trains practitioners to understand, design, and manage integrated approaches to sustainable development challenges. Traditionally, every MDP program integrates health, natural, social, and management sciences into its curriculum. However, with the adoption of the SDGs, there has been a trend towards diversifying the range of courses offered in the MDP program.

Additionally, the MDP program equips students with critical knowledge, skills, and behavioral attributes necessary for success in developing and developed societies. The curriculum includes a two to three-month field practicum, where students engage in hands-on development projects and offer solutions to real-world issues. Students also engage in the Global Classroom, a shared virtual course with MDP students and peers worldwide. While most courses are face-to-face, some MDP programs offer blended learning, combining online and in-person interaction.

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Patrick Paul Walsh

  • Vice President of Education and Director, SDG Academy
  • SDSN Leadership

Amber Webb

  • Managing Director
  • SDG Academy

Lucia Rodriguez

  • Director, Global Masters in Development Practice and DEIB Officer
  • SDG Academy

Helen Perham

  • Communications Coordinator
  • SDG Academy

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