The Science Panel for the Congo Basin (SPCB) is the first-of-its-kind independent scientific panel dedicated to synthesizing existing knowledge of the status of, and threats to, the Congo Basin and its ecosystems. As the world’s second largest tropical forest, the Congo Basin is providing key services at local, regional, and global scales that are critical for limiting the impacts of climate change - and yet remains largely under-researched and chronically underinvested.

The SPCB was established to mobilize scientists in the region to jointly address these challenges, inspired by the call of environment ministers and scientists across the region for renewed efforts, increased scientific investment, and involvement of science in policymaking for the sustainable development of Congo Basin countries. Led by and composed primarily of leading scientists from the region, the SPCB will undertake a comprehensive synthesis of the available scientific knowledge on the Congo Basin, including Indigenous peoples and autochthonous knowledge, to generate a high-quality independent assessment report to be presented at COP30.

The assessment will be directed at policymakers to help inform and accelerate local and regional solutions to strengthen nature conservation and advance sustainable development, while also highlighting acute and potential tipping points, as well as critical areas and gaps requiring further scientific research.

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Emma Torres

  • Vice President of Americas and Head of the New York Office
  • SDSN Leadership

Cecil Haverkamp

  • Director, FELD Programme
  • Principal, Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU)

Rachel Collie

  • Program Manager
  • FELD Catalyst

Lila Potter

  • Program Associate
  • Science Panel for the Congo Basin

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