Created in 2023, at the halfway point of the 2030 Agenda, the SDG Transformation Center provides the next generation of science-based instruments and analytics for the SDGs and serves as a platform for peer-to-peer learning and exchange among scientists, practitioners, and investors. The Center partners with a wide range of public, international, and private institutions to deliver SDG impact at the local, national, continental and global level. Each year, the Center releases the Sustainable Development Report, which includes the SDG Index & Dashboards. The Center was established in collaboration with Esri and leverages the power of geospatial technologies.

Sustainable Development Report & SDG Index

The SDG Transformation Center produces the SDSN's annual flagship Sustainable Development Report (SDR), which includes the SDG Index and Dashboards. Every year, this report provides the most comprehensive assessment of the performance of all 193 UN Member States on the 17 SDGs. In addition to the annual global edition, the SDSN works with regional and local partners on regional SDG Indices and at the country and city levels.

Geospatial Tools

Geospatial data, tools, and analytics provide useful, timely, and granular information for targeted SDG action. The SDG Transformation Center develops new geospatial indicators and analyses to support evidence-based SDG pathways and policies for cities, regions, and national governments.

International Spillovers

International spillover effects are the positive or negative externalities generated by the actions of one country on another. The SDG Transformation Center studies and measures these international spillover effects so countries can develop policy solutions to address them.

SDG Financing

As the SDGs are largely an investment agenda into physical infrastructure and human capital, they require long-term planning and commitment. The Center aims to complement international efforts to scale up sustainable development finance through thematic analyses and bilateral partnerships for long-term budget frameworks and pathways.

SDG Policy Tracking

By tracking policy commitments, ambitions, and actions, we can provide timelier, more accurate evaluations of government efforts on the SDGs that are often lacking in international statistics. The Center develops conceptual and practical tools to track SDG policies.

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Guillaume Lafortune

  • Vice President and Head of the Paris Office
  • SDSN Leadership

Grayson Fuller

  • Manager, SDG Index and Data
  • SDG Transformation Center

Isabella Massa

  • Senior Economist
  • SDG Transformation Center

Leslie Bermont Diaz

  • Lead Economist, Global Commons Stewardship
  • SDG Transformation Center

Etienne Berthet

  • Lead Modeller, GCS Index
  • SDG Transformation Center

Ruben Andino

  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • SDG Transformation Center

Max Gruber

  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • SDG Transformation Center

Guilherme Iablonovski

  • Geospatial Data Scientist
  • SDG Transformation Center

Samory Toure

  • Program Associate
  • SDG Transformation Center

Sara Allali

  • Junior Economist
  • SDG Transformation Center

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