The SDSN launched SDGs Today at the High-Level Political Forum in July 2020, with support from Esri and the National Geographic Society. The program aims to promote the production and use of timely and geospatial data for the SDGs.

Through partnerships, SDGs Today provides a snapshot of the state of sustainable development around the world, developing data in interactive formats accessible to various stakeholders. The team also co-designs real-world applications and stories to humanize quantitative data and communicate the impact of data on decision-making and various stakeholder groups. SDGs Today facilitates capacity development and educational resources to integrate data-driven approaches into sustainability efforts. Led by a core team within the SDSN secretariat, SDGs Today benefits from the guidance and support of a diverse coalition of experts.

Data Products

Through multi-sectoral partnerships, the SDGs Today team collaborates to curate, produce, and visualize timely data (updated annually at a minimum) geospatial data sourced from non-traditional sources and innovative methodologies. The team meticulously evaluates data using a comprehensive and systematic review process, resulting in interactive and accessible data products for diverse user groups.

Data Training

SDGs Today provides training and educational programs and resources to empower governments, academics, and youth to generate, disseminate, and engage with data, contributing to the achievement of the Global Goals by 2030. Users can access diverse hands-on learning materials and programs on integrating geospatial data and technologies through our platform.

Data Stories

SDGs Today collaborates to co-design data-driven narratives about the SDGs, utilizing StoryMaps to showcase data initiatives, research projects, technical applications, and SDG reporting that employ new data sources and innovative methods for sustainable development. This effort integrates interactive maps with multimedia content, effectively contextualizing data for diverse audiences and interest groups, and demonstrating its impact.

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Maryam Rabiee

  • Head of SDGs Today and Acting Head of SDSN TReNDS
  • SDGs Today and SDSN TReNDS

Anela Layugan

  • GIS Analyst and Developer
  • SDGs Today

Richard Kundratitz

  • Research Assistant
  • SDGs Today and SDG Transformation Center

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