Recognizing the global sustainability challenges we face, the European Union leaders adopted the European Green Deal with wide-ranging goals for a climate-neutral, resource-efficient, technologically advanced, and socially equitable continent. SDSN Europe convenes a Senior Working Group, consisting of top-level academics and stakeholders, to mobilize expertise for the successful implementation of this transformative framework. The Working Group, led by the SDSN President Jeffrey Sachs and SDSN Europe Co-Chair Phoebe Koundouri, contributes to the following objectives:

  • Identify and promote technological and policy pathways for decarbonization by 2050 within and across EU Member States;
  • Identify and promote adaptation pathways within and across EU Member States;
  • Identify socially-inclusive pathways that “leave no one behind”;
  • Provide strategic recommendations and mobilize experts for the ongoing implementation of the European Green Deal through the SDSN networks;
  • Mobilize experts to rethink policies for clean energy supply and climate adaptation projects, across the economy, industry, production and consumption, large-scale infrastructure, transport, food and agriculture, construction, taxation, and social benefits; and
  • Mobilize stakeholders in partnership with the SDSN European networks to guarantee local engagement and support for these policies.

Featured Resources


Leonardo Becchetti

  • University of Rome Tor Vergata

Simone Borghesi

  • European University Institute/ University of Siena

Stefan Brunnhuber

  • Club of Rome

Laura Cozzi

  • International Energy Agency

Elena Crete

  • Head of Climate and Energy
  • SDSN Climate and Energy Program

Marzio Galeotti

  • Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

Phoebe Koundouri

  • Co-Chair
  • SDSN Greece & SDSN Europe

Mariana Mazzucato

  • Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Carlo Papa

  • Enel Foundation

Ketan Patel

  • Greater Pacific Capital

Jeffrey Sachs

  • President
  • SDSN Leadership

Theodoros Zachariadis

  • SDSN Europe Manager

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