Established in 2022, the SDSN Global Climate Hub (GCH) aims to provide science-based recommendations for combating the climate crisis and preventing further deterioration. Renowned economist and Co-Chair of SDSN Europe, Professor Phoebe Koundouri, leads the GCH.

The SDSN Global Climate Hub (GCH) has made it its mission to provide science-based and publicly acceptable recommendations for achieving sustainable futures, based on robust financial solutions. The GCH uses extensive data, knowledge, and technologies provided by experts in various fields to implement country-specific action plans to be adopted and reinforced by society. The 9 research Units of the GCH represent the stages that a country should go through in order to achieve the design and implementation of detailed, cross-sectoral climate neutrality and climate resilience pathways.

The GCH focuses on the development of science-based solutions and regional, national, and sub-national pathways for the transition to a climate-neutral and resilient world. These efforts are supported by cutting-edge, integrated natural–socio-economic models, and optimal solutions are co-designed with stakeholders, policy-makers, and practitioners. The cross-country approach is grounded on the respective SDSN national hubs.

The Hosting Institutions of the SDSN Global Climate Hub (SDSN-GCH) are the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and the "Athena" Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies (ATHENA RC), both of which are part of the Alliance of Excellence for Research and Innovation on Αephoria (AE4RIA), an initiative for collaboration between research institutions, innovation accelerators, and science-technology-policy interface networks focused on sustainable development. The Academy of Athens and the Technical University of Denmark, are two of the most important co-founding institutions of the GCH.

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Phoebe Koundouri

  • Co-Chair
  • SDSN Greece & SDSN Europe

Yannis Ioannidis

  • Professor
  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Andreas Papandreou

  • Co-Chair

Yuen Yoong Leong

  • Director, Sustainability Studies
  • ASEAN Green Future

Christos Zerefos

  • Secretary General of the Academy of Athens
  • Head of the Research Center for Atmospheric Physics & Climatology of the Academy of Athens; Professor Emeritus

Natalia Manola

  • Managing Director & Researcher
  • Athena Research and Innovation Centre / University of Athens

Aggelos Alamanos

  • Research Advisor Associate

Constantinos Kounnamas

  • Co-Network Manager
  • SDSN Cyprus

Dogan Keles

  • Professor
  • Technical University of Denmark

Karyn Morrissey

  • Professor
  • Technical University of Denmark

Alexandros Charalambides

  • Associate Professor
  • Cyprus University of Technology

Lydia Papadaki

  • PhD (c)
  • Athens University of Economics and Business

Athanasios Yannakopoulos

  • Professor
  • Athens University of Economics and Business

Conrad Landis

  • Post-Doc Researcher
  • ReSEES AUEB & SDU Athena Research Center

Ebun Akinsete

  • Senior Researcher
  • Athena Research Center

Eleni Toli

  • Senior Researcher
  • Athena Research Center

Patrick Paul Walsh

  • Vice President of Education and Director, SDG Academy
  • SDSN Leadership

Giannis Marnelis

  • Assistant Communications Manager
  • Global Climate Hub

Nikos Mavrogiannakis

  • Financial Manager
  • Global Climate Hub

Angelika Mexia

  • Office Operations Manager
  • Global Climate Hub

Lambros Lois

  • Administrative Finance Assistant
  • Global Climate Hub

Mary Psilou

  • Communications Manager
  • Global Climate Hub

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