SDSN TReNDS (SDSN's Thematic Research Network on Data and Statistics) is a global research network that facilitates better evidence-informed decision-making. It does so by producing actionable research on data innovations from geospatial data and big data to citizen science; supporting local capacity building in Global South institutions through its Data For Now project; and documenting processes to encourage replicability and progress so policymakers and practitioners can capitalize on new data technologies and approaches to address sustainable development challenges.


TReNDS supports a range of projects at the global, national, and sub-national levels that explore and document issues related to evidence-based decision-making, including innovations for timely data monitoring, production, and collection; best practices for fostering greater data use; and emerging data policy and practice standards.

Expert Members

TReNDS’ members are leaders in the data community whose expertise spans the spectrum of global and national data policies, standards, and processes that guide data production, access, and use. Our network of experts from across the global scientific, development, public, and private sector data communities work to strengthen the data ecosystem by advancing the use of more frequent, high-quality data to guide and spur progress and helping to ensure that the data revolution is grounded in strong expertise and evidence to achieve its promise of sustainable development for all.

Research Activities

SDSN TReNDS produces original thought leadership, lessons in data production and use, and critical evaluation of pilot projects.

Featured Resources


Maryam Rabiee

  • Head of SDGs Today and Acting Head of SDSN TReNDS
  • SDGs Today and SDSN TReNDS

Steph Pietras

  • Program Associate

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