Health Fostering Evidence-based Pathways for a Healthy Future

As articulated in SDG 3, ensuring good health is crucial for sustainable human development, both as an inalienable human right and an essential contributor to the economic growth of society. And the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crises have further underscored the importance of health and government action in the wake of major health crises and humanitarian emergencies.

The SDSN’s health initiatives include active membership within the Lancet Pathfinder Commission, which produces research and case studies on the health impacts of decarbonization actions. Past work includes spearheading the prestigious Lancet COVID-19 Commission, which offered practical solutions for governments, civil society, and UN institutions to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lancet Pathfinder Commission

The SDSN serves as a member of this Commission which aims to accelerate a just transition to net zero by providing practical, evidence-based pathways to net zero that also bring benefits to health.
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Lancet COVID-19 Commission

The Lancet COVID-19 Commission was launched in 2020 to assist governments, civil society, and UN institutions to offer practical evidence-based solutions for how to respond effectively to global challenges posed by the pandemic.
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