The SDSN is actively engaged in advancing sustainable development across Africa, working closely with local governments, academia, NGOs, and civil society partners. This includes joint research with the SDG Center in Rwanda on regional and subnational indices and dashboards; aiding the Government of Benin on its SDG performance and policy analysis, including publishing the first pilot baseline Sustainable Development Report for the country; supporting the establishment and research of the Science Panel for the Congo Basin; and working with country partners and researchers in Africa to analyze their food and land-use policies and develop national pathways for food and land use systems transformation through the FABLE Consortium and the FELD Program. The SDSN also has 11 national and regional networks based in Africa, encompassing 25+ countries and territories working on localizing and mobilizing support for the SDGs. Networks include: SDSN Benin, SDSN Cameroon, SDSN Côte d’Ivoire, SDSN Ethiopia, SDSN Ghana, SDSN Great Lakes, SDSN Kenya, SDSN Nigeria, SDSN Sahel, SDSN South Africa, and SDSN Uganda.