Asia & Pacific

The SDSN has expanded significantly in the Asia-Pacific region in recent years, with the establishment of the Kuala Lumpur Office in 2021 hosted by Sunway University. Programs in this region include the ASEAN Green Future, which features country teams collaborating to analyze regional pathways for net-zero emissions; Mission 4.7, which is working to integrate education for sustainable development within the national curricula; The Science Panel for Southeast Asia’s Biodiversity Protection, which seeks to expand conservation and scientific management of the rainforest; among others. The SDSN also has 16 national and regional networks based in the Asia-Pacific region, encompassing 45+ countries and territories with a shared goal of localizing and mobilizing support for the SDGs. Networks include: SDSN Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, SDSN Afghanistan, SDSN Bangladesh, SDSN China Hub, SDSN Hong Kong, SDSN Indonesia, SDSN Japan, SDSN Kazakhstan, SDSN Korea, SDSN Malaysia, SDSN Pakistan, SDSN Philippines, SDSN Russia, SDSN South Asia, SDSN Southeast Asia, and SDSN Thailand.