Over the past decade, Europe has led the way on sustainable development progress and policies, and the SDSN actively supports European leadership across sectors to continue this trend. Efforts include working with the European Commission to strengthen SDG data and analyses, collaborating closely with European governments on the preparation of their Voluntary National Reviews, producing the Europe Sustainable Development Report, and mobilizing the knowledge and science for a sustainable and resilient European Recovery through SDSN Europe, the European Green Deal Senior Working Group, among other strategic initiatives. The SDSN also has 19 national and regional networks based in Europe, encompassing 40+ countries and territories working on localizing and mobilizing support for the SDGs, all convened by SDSN Europe. Networks include: SDSN Belgium, SDSN Black Sea, SDSN Bulgaria, SDSN Cyprus, SDSN Czech Republic, SDSN France, SDSN Germany, SDSN Greece, SDSN Ireland: An-All Island Network, SDSN Italy, SDSN Mediterranean, SDSN Northern Europe, SDSN Portugal, SDSN Russia, SDSN Spain, SDSN Switzerland, SDSN Türkiye, SDSN United Kingdom, and SDSN Western Balkans.