Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions for Laos (Phase 2.1 report)

Lao PDR, commonly known as Laos, is a landlocked country situated in Southeast Asia. It shares borders with several countries, including Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Myanmar. The population of Laos has experienced moderate growth, with an average annual growth rate about 1.62% between 1995 to 2018. Laos has been working towards economic development, and its GDP growth rate showed an upward trend, increasing by an average of 6.79% annually between 1995 and 2018. In 2018, the total GDP and per capita income in Laos were recorded at 51.18 billion $PPP and 2.42 thousand $PPP, respectively (World Bank, 2021). This paper aims to use the LEAP model to simulate long-term energy strategy scenarios and decarbonization in Laos.

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