Supporting Socio-bioeconomies of Healthy Standing Forests and Flowing Rivers in the Amazon

Amazon socio-bioeconomies are economies based around the sustainable use and restoration of healthy standing forests and flowing rivers to support the wellbeing, knowledge, rights, and territories of Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs), as well as all Amazonian residents and the global community. This policy brief from the Science Panel for the Amazon puts forth the following recommendations: (i) Stop activities that threaten IPLCs, as well as sociobioeconomies, and establish safeguards against the misuse of the bioeconomy concept.; (ii) Establish an inclusive and participatory socio-bioeconomy planning and collaborative implementation processes that builds on IPLC knowledge and institutions; (iii) Increase demand, finance, and marketing pathways for ecosystem services and high value, low impact products; (iv) Enhance connections between actors at many regions and scales to support knowledge sharing and value creation; and (v) Put enabling conditions into place: logistics, land and resource rights, co-production of knowledge, governance, and enforcement capacities, following the Nagoya Protocol and Convention on Biological Diversity principles and respecting the rights of IPLCs.

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