national Network
Region: Africa

SDSN Cameroon, hosted by the National Centre for Education and established in 2022, mobilizes its members in Cameroon and leverages their strengths to help realize the SDGs. Key focus areas include driving sustainable development by fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovative solution-finding through the launch of solution initiatives, convening a global solutions forum, and engaging with funders to implement practical solutions, to increase access and understanding of sustainable development through education by promoting enrollment in the SDG Academy MOOC course.

Network Hosts

  • National Centre for Education

SDSN Cameroon Network Members

Organization Country Network Sector
University of Buea, Department of Geography Cameroon CameroonSahel University (Department/Institute)
Laboratoire des Sciences Sociales et Environnementales Cameroon CameroonSahel University (Department/Institute)
Institut National de Cartographie (INC) Cameroon CameroonSahel University (Department/Institute)
Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC, Bamenda). Cameroon CameroonSahel University (Department/Institute)
International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development (ICENECDEV) Cameroon CameroonSahel Non-Governmental Organization
The International Centre for Research, Inter-religious Dialogue and Development (RIDEV) Cameroon CameroonSahel Research Institution
National Centre for Education Cameroon CameroonSahel Research Institution

SDSN Focal Point

Faustin Gasheja

  • Senior Manager, Africa Lead
  • Networks Program