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SDSN China Hub, hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Development Goals, Tsinghua University (TUSDG) and established in 2019, mobilizes its members in China and leverages their strengths to help realize the SDGs. Key focus areas include organizing monthly SDG information sessions with stakeholders to increase awareness, launching calls for proposals for innovative solutions from across the country/region under the Universities for SDGs13 competition, and renewing the partnership between Tsinghua University’s MOOC team and SDSN’s SDG Academy to encourage lifelong learning about sustainable development.

The Network Organizes an SDG 13 Student Competition

SDSN China Hub’s host institution, TUSDG, organized the national level version of SDSN’s 'Universities for SDG 13 Award' competition. The finalist, which was also selected for the global level competition, was a project titled 'Reducing Carbon with Carbon' by students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The solution addressed the issue of graphite waste from lithium batteries and proposes the deployment of graphene-like nanomaterials from spent graphite for carbon reduction, thus changing the original traditional treatment method of incineration and providing a pollution-free, low-cost, and sustainable method.

The Network and Global Partners Evaluate Green Development

To drive SDG localization in China, TUSDG worked with BRI International Green Development Coalition and other global partners on ‘Research on BRI Green Development Outlook’ evaluating the green development among 139 BRI countries, which was selected by the 3rd BRI Forum for International Cooperation High-level Forum on Green Development as a case of multilateral cooperation.

SDSN China Hub Network Members

Organization Country Network Sector
Shanghai Institute for National Economy (SHINE) China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS) China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
School of Geographic Science, East China Normal University China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
ICARE - Institute for Clean And Renewable Energy China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
New York University - Shanghai China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
China SUC Institute China China Hub Civil Society Organization
Institute for Sustainable Development Goals, Tsinghua University (TUSDG) China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
Nanhua University China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
CAREC Institute China China Hub Research Institution
Shandong University China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
X-Institute China China Hub University (Department/Institute)
China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) China China Hub Non-Governmental Organization,Foundation/Donor Organization
Centre for Marine Affairs Studies, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology Taiwan,China China Hub Research Institution,University (Department/Institute)
National Taiwan University - International Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development China,Taiwan China Hub University (Department/Institute)
Institute of Environment and Resources China,Taiwan China Hub Research Institution,Non-Governmental Organization
Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy China,Taiwan China Hub Non-Governmental Organization
Foundation Of Taiwan Industry Service(FTIS) China,Taiwan China Hub Research Institution,Non-Governmental Organization
University Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Office, China Medical University (hereafter in abbreviation with CMU USR-SD) China,Taiwan China Hub University (Department/Institute)
Chaoyang University of Technology China,Taiwan China Hub University (Department/Institute)

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Xue Lan

  • Chair, SDSN China Hub
  • Tsinghua University

Peng Si

  • Co-Network Manager
  • SDSN China Hub

Zheng Yi

  • Co-Network Manager
  • SDSN China Hub

SDSN Focal Point

Nur Amirah binti Abdul Majid

  • Senior Manager, Asia Pacific Lead
  • Networks Program