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SDSN Japan, hosted by xSDG Laboratory, Keio Research Institute at SFC at Keio University and established in 2015, mobilizes its members in Japan and leverages their strengths to help realize the SDGs. Key focus areas include raising awareness on the SDGs through the publication of SDGs white papers in collaboration with relevant stakeholders since 2019, organizing events around the progress of the SDGs in Japan, how the achievement of the SDGs can be accelerated from the business/private sector, and developing the “SDGs Today Japan” - a platform to visualize the progress of local governments, companies, and organizations in promoting the SDGs in Japan.

Platform Showcases Progress on Institutional SDG Promotion

The xSDG Lab at Keio University led by SDSN Japan Chair, Prof. Norichika Kanie, in collaboration with ESRI Japan and Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd., developed "SDGs Today Japan," a platform to visualize the progress of local governments, companies, and organizations in promoting the SDGs in Japan. It utilizes GIS for regional visualization, offering a hub site with content on SDGs achievements and initiatives. Released in June 2023, the platform plans to expand its content and collaborations to accelerate societal transformations towards SDGs by effectively utilizing GIS.

Dialogue Focuses on Science-Policy-Society Interface for SDG Implementation

On February 16, 2023, Keio University's xSDG Laboratory, led by SDSN Japan Chair Prof. Norichika Kanie, hosted a dialogue titled "Halfway to 2030: Accelerating Progress to Achieve the SDGs." Featuring H.E. Mr. Csaba Kőrösi, President of the 77th UN General Assembly, the event emphasized 2023 as the midpoint in SDG implementation. The conversation highlighted policy mechanisms, solutions, and the science-policy-society interface to accelerate implementation globally. The event served as a platform to address challenges and emphasize collaborative efforts needed to meet urgent SDG targets.

SDSN Japan Network Members

Organization Country Network Sector
Shoin University Japan Japan Research Institution
United Nations University Japan Japan University (Department/Institute)
Institute for Global and Environmental Strategies (IGES) Japan Japan University (Department/Institute)
UN ECOSOC Special Consultative Status University Students Chamber Kyushu Branch Japan Japan Non-Governmental Organization,Civil Society Organization,UN Agency/Affiliate
Hiroshima University Japan Japan University (Department/Institute)
Quantitative Regional and Computational Science Lab (QuaRCS-lab) Japan Japan Research Institution
Japan Civil Society Network on SDGs Japan Japan Civil Society Organization
Keio University Japan Japan University (Department/Institute)
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan Japan University (Department/Institute)

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Norichika Kanie

  • Chair
  • SDSN Japan

Naoko Ishii

  • Advisor, SDSN Japan and Executive Vice President, University of Tokyo
  • University of Tokyo

Kazuhiko Takemoto

  • Advisor
  • SDSN Japan

Tarek Katramiz

  • Network Manager
  • SDSN Japan

SDSN Focal Point

Nur Amirah binti Abdul Majid

  • Senior Manager, Asia Pacific Lead
  • Networks Program