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SDSN Sahel mobilizes local knowledge to advance viable solutions to sustainable development challenges in the Sahel region. The network, hosted by Université Alioune Diop de Bambey, and established in 2015, includes the following countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, The Gambia, Guinea Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal. Key focus areas include promoting local solutions to sustainable development challenges in the Sahel region via workshops and seminars, including hosting a high-level virtual forum on post-COVID-19 solutions, as well as engaging with key government partners and stakeholders in the Data For Now initiative to produce a repository of urban data and tools.

Network's Multidimensional Poverty Project Featured at Global Forum

In 2023, SDSN Sahel presented its Medical, Agricultural and Educational digital box project (MAE Box), at the Global Solutions Forum in Rio de Janeiro. This project is based on the multidimensional poverty index, and the network is working with strategic partners to implement this initiative.

Strategic Stakeholders Meetings Aim to Increase Capacity and Expertise

SDSN Sahel held a series of strategic and inclusive meetings targeted at the private sector, civil society, and local government. The series aimed at building a framework to work with greater capacity and expertise.

SDSN Sahel Network Members

Organization Country Network Sector
University of Buea, Department of Geography Cameroon CameroonSahel University (Department/Institute)
Laboratoire des Sciences Sociales et Environnementales Cameroon CameroonSahel University (Department/Institute)
Institut National de Cartographie (INC) Cameroon CameroonSahel University (Department/Institute)
Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC, Bamenda). Cameroon CameroonSahel University (Department/Institute)
International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development (ICENECDEV) Cameroon CameroonSahel Non-Governmental Organization
The International Centre for Research, Inter-religious Dialogue and Development (RIDEV) Cameroon CameroonSahel Research Institution
National Centre for Education Cameroon CameroonSahel Research Institution
Université Kofi Annan de Guinée Guinea Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Université Gemini Mali Mali Sahel Non-Governmental Organization
Technical Unit of Strategic Framework for the Fight Against Poverty Mali Sahel Non-Governmental Organization
Association Malienne pour la Sécurité et la Souvérainté Alimentaires Mali Sahel University (Department/Institute)
INSAH - Institut du Sahel Mali Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Coalition pour l'Accès à l'Eau Potable, l'Hygiène et l'Assainissement (CAEPHA) Mali Sahel
Observatoire du Dévéloppement Humain Durable et de la Lutte Contre la Pauvreté (ODHD/LCP) Mali Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Action Group for Children in Sahel Mali Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Universite de Ségou Mali Sahel Non-Governmental Organization
Université des Sciences Sociales et de Gestion de Bamako (USSGB) Mali Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Institut Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Appliquée (IPR/IFRA) Katibougou Mali Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Institut National de Recherche en Santé Publique (INRSP) Mali Sahel University (Department/Institute)
ILCI Business School Mali Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Tahoua University Niger Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Ecole Inter-états des Sciences et Médecine Vétérinaires (EISMV) de Dakar Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Institut des Metiers de l'Environement et de la Metrologie Senegal Sahel Non-Governmental Organization
Alioune Diop University Senegal Sahel Non-Governmental Organization
Institut Africain de Développement Local (I.A.D.L) Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Association Innovation pour Développement Economique par l'Action Locale Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
ENDA Tiers Monde Senegal Sahel Non-Governmental Organization
Groupe Ecole supérieure de Commerce de Dakar Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Centre Africain d'Etudes Supérieures en Gestion (CESAG) Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Agence Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique Appliquée (ANRSA) Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Ecole Supérieure Multinationale des Télécommunications ESMT Senegal Sahel Non-Governmental Organization
Institut Polytechnique Panafrican Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Groupe Institut Africain de Management (IAM) Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Universite Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Senegal Virtual University Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Agricultural and Rural Prospective Initiative Senegal Sahel Research Institution
Femmes Africa Solidarité Senegal Sahel Non-Governmental Organization
Local Development Institute Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
University Institute of Enterprise and Development Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
University Gaston Berger Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute)
Universite Cheikh Anta Diop Senegal Sahel University (Department/Institute),Government Agency

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Ngoné Ndoye

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  • SDSN Sahel

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