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SDSN Southeast Asia mobilizes local knowledge to advance viable solutions to sustainable development challenges in the Southeast Asian region. The network, hosted by United in Diversity Foundation, and established in 2013, includes the following countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam. Key activities include mobilizing resources to scale-up SDG-related solutions through its flagship Tri Hata Karana Conference, localizing the SDGs by developing tailored regional long-term development pathways for local governments, and organizing numerous panels and events on various sustainable development topics relevant to the region.

Network Leadership Presents on Mangrove Reforestation at Regional Forum

SDSN Southeast Asia participated in the inaugural Asia-Pacific Solutions Forum hosted by SDSN in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Of the six solutions which were selected to present, SDSN Southeast Asia’s United in Diversity (UID) Fellow, Stevanus Wayiyai and local network Manager, Isra Ruddin, co-presented the solution on “Mangrove Reforestation: Restoring Ecosystem and Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future."

Inter-network Panel Emphasizes Academia's Technology Enablers for Sustainability

SDSN Southeast Asia’s and SDSN China Hub’s host institutions hosted a panel session titled "Driving Forces of Sustainability: Unleashing Human Capital & Technology Enablers for Lasting Growth” at the Indonesia Sustainability Forum (ISF) 2023, held on September 7-8. A panel of experts emphasizing collaboration between academia, industry, and policy were featured, with key takeaways including the role of universities as hubs for sustainable technology, the need for collective action among policymakers, educators, and researchers, and Indonesia's commitment to integrating sustainability into education through the Emancipated Learning Program.

Network Member and Partners Showcase Sustainability Projects

SDSN member, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), in collaboration with the James Dyson Foundation, and Punggol community students, showcased innovative sustainability projects at the SIT Community Challenge 2023. Mentored by SIT students, ideas like the 'Cantino' app and wastewater recycling earned acclaim, highlighting the impactful role of collaborative mentorship in fostering sustainable solutions.

Network's Policy Initiative Conducts Analysis for Local SDG alignment

In 2023, SDSN Southeast Asia’s Policy Lab initiative, conducted a tailored Regional Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPD) analysis for the Regional Research and Development Planning Agency of Sumedang, Indonesia for 2022-2045. The analysis focused on the areas of poverty, the human development index, economic growth, unemployment, and the GINI Index, fostering inclusivity and aligning local SDGs with global objectives. This plan will guide 26 sub-districts across 270 villages and 7 urban areas for the next 20 years.

SDSN Southeast Asia Network Members

Organization Country Network Sector
University of Cambodia Cambodia Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
University of Puthisastra Cambodia Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Asian Vision Institute Cambodia Southeast Asia Research Institution
Cambodia University of Technology and Science (CamTech) Cambodia Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
National University of Management Cambodia Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute),Research Institution
Royal University of Phnom Penh Cambodia Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
National University of Laos Laos Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Radanar Ayar Rural Development Association Myanmar Southeast Asia Civil Society Organization
National University Singapore Singapore Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Singapore Institute of Technology Singapore Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Go Purpose Inc Singapore Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Yusof Ishak Institute (ISEAS) Singapore Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Nanyang Technological University Singapore Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Singapore Management University Lien Centre for Social Innovation Singapore Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Singapore University of Technology and Design Singapore Southeast Asia Foundation/Donor Organization
World Toilet Organization Singapore Southeast Asia Non-Governmental Organization
Vietnam National University Vietnam Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
ISPONRE - Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment Vietnam Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Central Institute for Economic Management - (CIEM) Vietnam Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
FRENCH VIETNAMESE CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT EDUCATION Vietnam Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Duy Tan University Vietnam Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute)
Thuongmai University Vietnam Southeast Asia University (Department/Institute),Research Institution

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Cherie Nursalim

  • Co-Chair, SDSN Southeast Asia and Vice Chairman, GITI Group
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Moch Ridwan

  • Assistant Manager
  • SDSN South East Asia

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Nur Amirah binti Abdul Majid

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