The SDG Academy represents the education and training division of the SDSN, with the mandate of promoting transformative education through the creation and curation of high-quality content on sustainable development, sharing of innovative pedagogies and training models, and providing open access to learning resources for a global audience.

Founded in 2014, the SDG Academy aims to enhance knowledge, skills, and learning for sustainable development. To realize the intergenerational goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, the SDG Academy works to address the skills gap currently unfolding, as well as provide youth the tools they will need in the future. The SDG Academy's wide array of programming offers a dynamic repository of knowledge, accredited degree programs and professional trainings, innovative thought leadership, and multiple communities of practice to enrich a global community of learners.


The SDG Academy develops high-quality, free online courses in partnership with renowned scholars, leading organizations and institutions, and experts in sustainable development. With nearly 50 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the SDG Academy has industry-specific resources for professionals, students, and engaged citizens. Hosted on edX, our courses are valuable resources for those looking to upskill or reskill for sustainable development and contribute to the global effort for the SDGs.

Degree Programs and Pathways

Crafting and implementing solutions to our world's challenges requires thoughtful and educated professionals across fields and geographies. This is why the SDG Academy is working with universities around the world to offer Online Master’s Programs in Sustainable Development that will help prepare students with the tools, skills, and knowledge to build a fulfilling and challenging career tackling the world’s biggest challenges.

Professional Development

Upskilling and reskilling of the current workforce has become an essential part of achieving our global development agenda. Our world needs skills for a new economy, one that is fair, equitable, and centered on principles of sustainability. The SDG Academy is advancing a just transition across all sectors to achieve the SDGs. Through professional certificate programs, corporate and government partnerships, and sector-specific training, we are linking the labor force with sustainable practice.

Thought Leadership

The SDG Academy is a uniquely positioned innovator, convener, and leader in the field of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Bringing together policy experts, esteemed scholars, and seasoned practitioners, the SDG Academy is a respected source of cutting-edge innovations in ESD. The SDG Academy’s special issue journals, policy papers, and op-eds bring thought leadership to ESD professionals and the interested public to support the global effort to realize the SDGs through education.

OER Committee

Accelerating progress to achieve the SDGs requires the strengthening of local digital ecosystems and collaborating with civil society to mainstream digital public goods – namely open educational resources– to support inclusive knowledge sharing and innovation to accelerate progress across the entirety of the 2030 Agenda. During the 2023 UN General Assembly, the SDG Academy officially partnered with UNESCO to launch the Joint Committee on the 2019 OER Recommendation to ensure necessary progress and make high-quality academic material available to all. The committee is composed of leaders in an array of fields, committed to advancing open access to education universally.

Jeffrey Sachs Book Club

The Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs is a podcast series that explores outstanding, recently published books with themes critical to the challenges we face today. Hosted by SDSN President Jeffrey Sachs, the Book Club is an insightful look into the minds of leading voices on history, social justice, sustainable development, and more. Listeners can find monthly installments on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or in the SDG Academy Library.

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Patrick Paul Walsh

  • Vice President of Education and Director, SDG Academy
  • SDSN Leadership

Amber Webb

  • Managing Director
  • SDG Academy

Lucia Rodriguez

  • Director, Global Masters in Development Practice and DEIB Officer
  • SDG Academy

Karen Chand

  • Director, Education Studies; Co-Network Manager, SDSN Malaysia
  • Education Studies

Shannon Kobran

  • Head of Education and Training
  • SDG Academy

Helen Perham

  • Communications Coordinator
  • SDG Academy

Kayla Colyard

  • Education Manager
  • SDG Academy

Sherlina Kaur

  • Education Manager
  • SDG Academy

Jessica Crist

  • Education Manager
  • SDG Academy

Dawn Adrian

  • Education Manager
  • SDG Academy

Isabela Carrozza Joia

  • Program Associate
  • SDG Academy

Subattra Kanesan

  • Research Analyst
  • Education Studies

Phui Yi Kong

  • Research Analyst, Education Studies
  • Education Studies

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